Department Of Conservation

With its promotion of the conservation of natural and historic resources, DOC has a field day in the Bay with its deep well of material. As it strives to encourage us to join its members in protecting our land, we unravel an encyclopaedia of unknown facts which cannot help fascinate and encourage us to assist in their goal.

The kuaka, bar-tailed godwit - credit Ro
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Ahuriri Estuary

Fancy a wander through nature but don’t want to travel too far? Right on the edge of Napier is the Ahuriri Estuary/Te Whanganui-a-Orotū.


Right now in a garden near you, a queen wasp is stirring, awakening from a winter’s slumber. And like us, looking forward to the prospect of a glorious spring and long, hot summer.

The Rarest Of Them All

Hawke's bay is home to one of the most endanged plants in Aotearoa.