The Arts

We dive deep into the richness of how the arts bring so much to our lives. Both for pleasure and education. Hawke’s Bay’s cultural life thrives with music, dance, theatre, arts, museums and libraries. We grow great writers, painters, photographers, musicians and artists from all walks of life. We make it our mission to discover how they breathe life and hope into our region.


SUMMER 19/20


SUMMER 19/20

Hawke's Bay Arts Festival
Kane Grundy
Opera House Arts Precinct

As the Harcourts Hawke’s Bay Arts Festival speeds towards its fifth anniversary, we talk to the two visionaries who made it happen...

When a video grapher and adventurer casually talks of personal encounters with sharks...

For the past 102 years, the Hawke’s Bay Opera House has been the heartbeat of Hastings and the fabric of many unforgettable memories of being engulfed with song, dance, laughter and falling in love.

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