Central Hawke's Bay

Head south to the heart of the region housing historic homesteads, wide ranging farmland, fabulous fishing and diving as well as beautiful beaches (the water is the thing) – Waipawa and Waipukurau are the ‘why’ of what makes this part of the Bay such a pleasure. Porangahau is its secret weapon for a cultural, historic or simply a seashore escape.




SUMMER 17/18

Patangata Station
Lime Rock Winery
This Waipawa Life

From farm to plate. Duncan and Annabell are the new owners of the Waipawa Butchery.

A favourite of locals since 1948.

Lime Rock Wines vit-ecologist and winemaker have taken that old adage a step further - in fact they have taken it underground.

The decision to move country and live off the grid sounded like such a fun and exciting thing to do ..

follow the Cook family's adventure