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Sitting on the Northern shore of Hawke’s Bay and the mouth of the Wairoa River, the district has gained great fame as the home of Rocket Lab in the Mahia Peninsula. And the town – possibly the most Maori of the country –  also known as Wairoa means ‘long water’ – reflecting the journey the tranquil river takes through its urban slopes.

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Wairoa Mountain Biking Park
Wairoa's Stolen Painting
Mahia Summer Market's

There’s a bit of Hollywood happening in Wairoa. Tourists and travellers descend on the town following the completion of a world-class mountain bike park.

Like a tale from the pages of a whodunnit novel, the search for Wairoa's missing mural has been solved at last.

The summer market season starts in October, and Sarah Charteris finds out why you need to visit Wairoa and Mahia summer market's.

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