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Art & Travel

Some term it escapism, we term it essential – art and travel, the two topics which allow us to experience other places without leaving the armchair plus other scenes as seen by the eye of the artists who have created them. We know the eye has to travel.




Hot Rods & Custom Cars

The gleam of chrome, the smell of polish and oil, and the throb of the oversized engines drumming through your body; these cars are an assault on your sences. 

Magical Marrakech

The way i see it every place can be described by a colour..

Hear about Cora Meridith's life changing trip to Merrakech. 

Kaye McGarva

Kaye McGarva Tollenaar describes her artwork as playing with shadows – or making the invisible visible. Last November, it became very visible indeed when she was invited to exhibit at IIDE

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