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Spring 2022 Extra. Greenhill Lodge

Thank you for scanning the QR code from our Spring 2022 edition. Here you will find stunning photos that are simply too good to not share with you. We have amazing photographers that sometimes go beyond our expectations and take way more photos then we need. We now can put these to good use and provide you with the beautiful spread of photos that we must choose from to select the photos that will make it to print in Each Living Hawke's Bay Magazine.

First up are 48 beautiful pictures from Greenhill Lodge, followed by incredible photos from Craggy Range Sheep Dairy.

Greenhill Royalty

Greenhill Lodge, just west of Hastings, sits on 73 acres of farmland, with a chunk of land dedicated to an English-style garden. The owners, Charlotte and Steven Wilson, spend much time on the maintenance and preservation of the trees and architecture in the space and we at LIVING Hawke’s Bay were lucky enough meet them and share with you some of their story in our Spring 2022 Issue. Our photographer, Charlotte Anderson, took so many fabulous photos, we have oodles still on file that we didn’t have room for in the magazine. Here they all are for you to enjoy online.

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